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Waterpark Tycoon Download PC Review
There’s something highly satisfying about management games. Building something from nothing; forging its pathphysically and financially, culturally. Seeing it grow, struggle, ultimately succeed or completely collapse. Whatever befalls your creation the narrative of the reign definitely makes the whole experience worthwhile. This is actually the case with title like Amusement Park, the Sims, Civilisation, as well as this title, Water Park Tycoon. At a fundamental level, Water Park Tycoon’s management heart is intact and entertaining, even though it’s not without its problems, and these issues are mighty enough to significantly weaken it.

You, obviously, are in control of building and operating a water park. Through placing and purchasing amenities, water and facilities-based attractions, it’s your primary goal to satisfy your visitor’s needs and then make shed plenty of cash. It’s an extremely traditional management title, less worried about the micro-control over prices, marketing and logical design and a lot more centered on placing structures to the own aesthetical whims. As a result it’s a straightforward game. Visitor’s moods are projected with smiley to angry faces floating above them, as well as their thoughts can be a mere mouse click away. It’s then only a matter of taking their complaints to heart as admission sales gradually generate your money.

Whilst Water Park Tycoon is an easy game to play, no help is given when it comes to deciphering the UI. Previous management game experience is other people you know here; it’ll provide you with enough clues to determine virtually all Water Park Tycoon’s less obvious features – rotating objects, adjusting admission prices. The Tutorial teaches you the basic principles of creating structures but requires you to visit stat screen without any hints concerning how to see them. It’s an extremely frustrating introduction; a straightforward game made impenetrable. What a terrible first impression it makes, although once you’ve clicked absolutely everything on screen – or taken a quick peek at the manual – the UI becomes clearer and the experience is revealed as the accessible water park manager that it is.

With the very idea of managing a water park cemented, it’s time for you to actually try managing one. Three ‘Quests’ have offer to evaluate your management techniques. Ranked gold, silver and bronze, every one offering more difficult goals when you move through them. Beyond these few quests, however, only Free Play mode remains. Their pacing is so slow it still takes several hours to complete them, even though the quests are also fairly easy to overcome. Visitors, and thus money, trickles in, making building your park a really slow process. A lack of things to build soon compromises even that, though this does facilitate planning on your end, and there’s a tinge of satisfaction in saving up for that new tree, store or attraction and seeing it’s effect on your park.

Waterpark Tycoon Download PC System Requirements
OS: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista/7/8
CPU: 2 GHz
Hard Drive: 250 MB
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics: Graphic card with 128 VRAM
DirectX: 9.0c

Waterpark Tycoon Download PC Gameplay

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