Antisquad Download Mediafire for PC

Antisquad Download PC ReviewWell regarded in small circles as AntiSquad, they may be a military tactical response unit. These hardened military professionals, sick and tired of bureaucracy, politics and serving the armed forces, established an exclusive paramilitary formation situated in south United States Of America. Being true military professionals, they periodically execute contracts for jobs […]


Wargame Red Dragon Download Mediafire for PC

Wargame Red Dragon Download PC ReviewThe Wargame series is around combining dazzling spectacle with brutal tactical realism and a lot more real-world military hardware than you’ll see in a lifetime’s subscription to Jane’s Defence. Wargame: Red Dragon follows across the evolutionary path set by its immediate predecessor, AirLand Battle, by introducing a lot more armies, […]


SimCity Download Mediafire for PC

SimCity Download PC ReviewAt their greatest scale, SimCity’s cities are self-powering machines with large numbers of moving parts. They churn through endless feedback loops, feeding Sims into swirling cause and effect eddies that produce money, goods, happiness, and growth. After more than a week of creating, smashing, and rewiring SimCity’s machines to find out the […]


Rescue Everyday Heroes US Edition Download Mediafire for PC

Rescue Everyday Heroes US Edition Download PC ReviewRescue – Everyday Heroes from developer Fragment Production combines the genres of simulation, management, and real-time strategy right into a game where players control the operations of your fire station and answer various emergency situations. The gameplay switches between two modes with one relating to the management operations […]


Outlast Whistleblower Download Mediafire for PC

Outlast Whistleblower Download PC ReviewIt’s not often one finds downloadable content more story-driven compared to the game where it’s been released, but Outlast’s Whistleblower installment is unquestionably that. Set before, after which during, the events in the main game, Whistleblower tells the storyline of Waylon Park, a member of staff of Murkoff attempting to expose […]