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Upon spawning during my first ever randomly-generated world, my pals gave me just one piece of advice: “You have to build a shelter before nighttime.” I wandered around inside the wilderness punching trees and digging up dirt, however it didn’t take long for me to throw in the towel and use an online crafting guide, which educated me how to make tools and torches (the latter of which are crucial for creating safe, well-lit hidey holes).

Surviving the initial day/night in Minecraft is probably the most memorable gaming experiences That i have ever had — right available online for with my first time getting the wing cap in Super Mario 64?. It is unique in my mind given it was something I’d never done in a video game before. Minecraft is chock-full of moments prefer that.

The possibilities offered by Minecraft’s world reveal themselves for the player at an incredible rate during those first couple of hours, and budding creators will quickly realize themselves increasingly ambitious as time wears on; my dream about digging out an underground lair was eclipsed by a thought I later had for the massive castle on the horizon. Eventually I even began using recreating real-world architecture.

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Minecraft Download PC System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
OpenGL: 1.4
Processor: 2.0 MHz (Single Core)
RAM: 1 GB(XP), 1.5 GB(7), 2.0 GB(Vista)
Hard Drive: 80 MB Free
Video: 128MB RAM

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
OpenGL: 2.0
Processor: 2.5 MHz (Single Core)
RAM: 2 GB(XP), 3 GB(Vista/7)
Hard Drive: 256 MB Free
Video: 128MB RAM

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