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Catwoman is a third-person action-adventure platform game which has a large amount of exploration along with a moderate quantity of combat. In line with the Warner Brothers movie of the name, EA’s Catwoman does not continue with the DC comics original and instead tells the story of an newfangled Catwoman (not Selena Kyle).

Patience Phillips is often a woman with certainty problems. Just as one underling on the Hedare Beauty Design firm, she often finds herself inside the wrong place on the wrong time. Only this before, she accidentally found out that her clients are dipping into unethical and illegal research. After her startling discovery, an organization henchman kills her to conceal the leak. This is when the comic strip part will come in. She actually is supernaturally revived through the kiss of your Egyptian cat and cut back one’s as being a wild woman in shredded black leather. Meow!

Play in the Film: Featuring Halle Berry, Control Catwoman and continue with the movie storyline through the entire game.

Toy while using Enemies: Catwoman toys along with her enemies, causing them to be run scared, and trapping them by utilizing her tools along with the environment round her before defeating them cat-like grace.

The potency of the Whip: Catwoman are able to use her whip to throw or topple objects; smash breakable items; trigger interactive objects remotely; climb, descend and swing from structures; and in many cases rescue herself from incredible ‘death falls” inside the rooftop levels

Cat Like Movement: With incredible acrobatic skills, Catwoman will move and jump with feline prowess, leaping across roofs, accumulating walls, pouncing on prey, and avoiding enemy bullets

Cat Senses: Players will see the world from the feline viewpoint and utilize unique cat attributes that permit Catwoman to alter the chances to her advantage. These powers enable her to find out at nighttime (unlike her foes) and hunt her prey by seeing footprints and smelling trails that reveal where they’ve been along with what they’ve got done. Catwoman canalso use her “Sixth Sense” to create threats round her and also predict what her enemy may do next

Turn into a Wild Cat: Unleash Catwoman’s “feral” side – move faster, hit harder, and completely dominate her prey

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CatWoman Download PC System Requirements
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
800 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or 100% Compatible
256 MB RAM
64 MB GeForce2 or ATI radeon 7500 or greater video card with Direct X 9.0b compatible driver
1.5 GB + space needed for save games and Windows swap file
16x Speed CD ROM/DVD drive
Direct X 9.0b compatible drivers

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