Dead Island Riptide Download Mediafire for PC

Dead Island Riptide Download PC ReviewDead Island Riptide continues the plot looking at the predecessor. After surviving the era of Banoi, you board a helicopter seeking go to a safe-zone. Here you embark onto a Naval vessel crawling with armed soldiers. Unexpectedly for that main protagonists, they be given a hostile reception and drugged for […]


Dead Space 3 Download Mediafire for PC

Dead Space 3 Download PC ReviewDead Space stars you, the indegent (former) systems engineer Isaac Clarke, who just can’t get yourself a break from managing the aftereffects of humanity’s greed. Which will come mainly available as humankind’s being addicted devices called Markers-otherworldly gadgets that supply limitless resources as well as using the not-so-subtle complication of […]


The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Download Mediafire for PC

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Download PC ReviewIt is a stealth-oriented undertake first-person action that you (playing as Daryl) creep through one zombie-infested town to another looking for whatever medicine or car part you’ll need so as to make it to Atlanta. Each mission will involve you having mostly of the survivors left inside a […]


Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Download Mediafire for PC

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Download PC ReviewI would like to tell you just how mafia wars features a surprisingly deep narrative which completely rearranges the mechanics of an zombie shooter. Sadly, I believe this could be essentially the most generic game We’ve played. From your menu, you choose a roadmap and whether you’d want […]


The Walking Dead Episode 5 No Time Left Download Mediafire for PC

The Walking Dead Episode 5 No Time Left Download PC ReviewEpisode 5 accumulates from and repeats the ultimate moments of Episode 4: Around Every Corner. Clementine may be taken, Lee continues to be bitten, as well as the zombie horde is bearing upon Savannah. Following that, Lee’s sole purpose is finding this girl, no matter […]

Into the Dark Download Mediafire for PC

Into the Dark Download PC ReviewPlayers assume the function of Peter “Pete” O`Brannon, a disgraced ex-cop who ekes out money being a private agent with an insurance claims adjuster. However, in fine grindhouse style, his latest investigation right into a mysterious scientist quickly descends into a wild battle against mutants, conspiracies and zombies galore. Trawling […]


Painkiller Hell and Damnation Download Mediafire for PC

Download Painkiller Hell and Damnation Download PC ReviewPainkiller: Hell & Damnation can appear far more interested in body counts and blood spray than depth inside the gameplay department. The come back to the genre’s primal roots is often a welcome one, even when it is like experiencing the gaming same as a processed foods binge. […]