State of Decay Lifeline Download Mediafire for PC

State of Decay Lifeline Download PC ReviewLifeline will be the second add-on released for Undead Lab’s State of Decay, and takes the zombie-dodging fun out on the streets initially. While prior DLC release Breakdown made utilisation of the original game’s map for several endless survival mode antics, Lifeline furthers the condition of Decay story within […]


Outlast Whistleblower Download Mediafire for PC

Outlast Whistleblower Download PC ReviewIt’s not often one finds downloadable content more story-driven compared to the game where it’s been released, but Outlast’s Whistleblower installment is unquestionably that. Set before, after which during, the events in the main game, Whistleblower tells the storyline of Waylon Park, a member of staff of Murkoff attempting to expose […]


Zombie Tycoon 2 Brainhovs Revenge Download Mediafire for PC

Tycoon 2 Brainhovs Revenge Download PC ReviewZombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is actually a sort-of-cute, vaguely-horrific and highly-streamlined real-time strategy game that wraps you within the lab coat of Orville Tycoon, a lab assistant who betrayed his mentor, Dr. Archibald Brainhov, stole his zombie-making formula and set off to conquer the globe with hordes of […]


Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 Download Mediafire for PC

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 Download PC ReviewEven though it looked just like you escaped a zombie-infested Berlin within the first game, the 2nd one takes protagonist Karl Fairburne and his three other buddies back, as they must search for a mysterious artifact, which apparently caused the undead plague.As such, you’ll go through a […]


Outlast Download Mediafire for PC

Outlast Download PC ReviewSurvival horror can be a notoriously tricky genre-especially in videogames, where players are familiar with blasting enemies into giblets with rocket launchers. Survival horror sticks to straight-jacketing the conventional power fantasy, by looking into making the gamer feel helpless and vulnerable. Running and hiding are likely to be both best tools for […]


METRO Last Light Download Mediafire for PC

METRO Last Light Download PC ReviewGetting everything away from Metro: Last Light requires slow and patient play. Inside a post-apocalyptic adventure that relies a whole lot on constant components of exposition, the knowledge quickly grows into something considerably more than merely your evryday shooter. Greater time spent exploring, listening, reading, and watching, the greater you […]